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Listbuilding Q and A

Here are the most common questions asked by my subscribers and customers on the subject of listbuilding. And the best answers I can give:

How do you build your list on a shoestring budget?

Set your daily budget to $5 to $10 per day in ad networks. Once you get your baseline metrics, you can begin scaling up from there. To $20 daily, $30 daily, $40 daily, $50 daily, $100 daily, etc.

How do you target buyers?

First step is using language in your advertising and marketing materials that turns off non-ideal customers and attracts ideal customers. This way you can sort of “extract” ideal customers from the traffic sources you use.

What paid traffic sources do you use?

Facebook ads, e-mail drops, LeadImpact, direct banner buys, and affiliates.

How do you structure e-mail sequences?

You may want to read my report called “How To Turn New Leads Into Rabid Buyers” for that answer.

How do you convert “looky Lous” into buyers?

You may want to read my report called “How To Turn New Leads Into Rabid Buyers” for that answer.

How do you “talk” to your list?

In a conversational, personal, authentic way. Not as a nameless, faceless business entity. You’re marketing to people. Speak to them as if you’re having a casual conversation in a public place.

Do I need a huge list to make money?

No. You can start small and scale up from there.

How do you build effective sales funnels?

You may want to read my report called “How To Turn New Leads Into Rabid Buyers” for that answer.

What are some free and low budget list building methods?

Blogging with an opt-in form and free offer in the sidebar or nested top and center of your blog. And iTunes podcast. Both free methods.

How do you promote high ticket affiliate programs to your list?

By mailing anticipation-building e-mail sequences. By piling on bonuses. And by driving home scarcity.

How do you build a larger list and how do you get a list of the right people?

Build a larger list by increasing your daily budget in your ad campaigns. Once your campaign works on a small scale, you can scale up from there without high risk. And you get a list of the right people by targeting your ideal customer with your campaign targeting and with your ad copy that speaks directly to your ideal customer.

What is the most effective way to get a buyers list?

Build an affiliate army to promote your product or service. However, lead flow can be inconsistent.

What are the top 3 ways to get your first prospects to your squeeze page when you’re starting from scratch?

E-mail drops (A.K.A. solo ads), joint venture deals, and PPC.

Should I use single or double opt-in?

I prefer single opt-in because I hang onto more leads that way. However, your list will be cleaner with double opt-in. There are pros and cons when using either.

How often should you mail your list?

This is also a matter of preference. I mail randomly. I may not mail for a week. Or even 2 weeks. I may mail daily. Or during a promotion I may mail 2 times in a single day to promote the offer when it’s closing down.

What is the #1 way to monetize a list?

You may want to read my report called “How To Turn New Leads Into Rabid Buyers” for that answer.

Should I use video squeeze pages or text squeeze pages?

Text squeeze pages. Simple squeeze pages. Headline + call to action.

Should I use long e-mails or short e-mails?

Short e-mails generate more clicks on the links within your e-mails. Long e-mails, however, can do more pre-selling for you before the people clickthrough. Also, both long and short e-mails can be used to build relationships when you’re not promoting anything.

How often should you pitch your list and how often should you give content?

You may want to read my report called “How To Turn New Leads Into Rabid Buyers” for that answer.

How do you keep your list interested and engaged over the long haul?

You may want to read my report called “How To Turn New Leads Into Rabid Buyers” for that answer.

What are the best sources for “virgin traffic“ (subscribers who aren’t already on a million lists)?

There’s no totally “virgin traffic” out there. But, the best you can do is to promote only your own products and services to your list. That would at least not “thin” your list. However, that approach isn’t for everyone. Especially if most of your income comes from affiliate promos.

Should you give away PLR to build your list?

No. You should give away some of your best content to make the new lead like you right off the bat.

What is the TRUTH about JV giveaways?

Stay away. For the most part. Tire-kicker city.

What is a good to great open rate?

Only matters in relation to ROI. One e-mail with a low open rate can generate more revenue than an e-mail with a high open rate. At the end of the day, all that matters is how much profit that e-mail generated.

How do you stand out from everyone else regardless of the niche?

You may want to read my report called “How To Turn New Leads Into Rabid Buyers” for that answer.

What is your opinion about building a buyers list versus a freebies list?

Buyers lists built solely from affiliate traffic are the best lists. However, you don’t have control over the traffic because you don’t control your affiliates. So lead flow can be inconsistent.

What is the fastest way to build an auto responder sequence?

Building an auto responder sequence faster doesn’t mean you’ll generate a profit faster. So focus on building a sequence that works, no matter how long it takes.

Where do you go to find high quality solo ads?

Contact product vendors who don’t normally sell solo ads. You must show them you have something of quality they can send to their lists. And negotiate the price from there.

How do you build trust and make them feel like they’ve known you forever?

You may want to read my report called “How To Turn New Leads Into Rabid Buyers” for that answer.

What traffic sources have the best opt-in, retention, and conversion rates?

All these metrics only matter in relation to ROI. For example, one traffic source may have a low opt-in rate, but generate a better ROI than a traffic source that has a high opt-in rate. At the end of the day, what matters if ROI.

What type of product should you give away to build your list – video, ebook, free template, software?

The “delivery vehicle” doesn’t matter as much as what the free product will do for the prospect. Focus on solving your prospect’s most pressing problem(s). And deliver it in the “delivery vehicle” of your choice.

What are the best methods for getting buyers in your niche and shed the tire kickers, freebie seekers, and energy vampires?

You may want to read my report called “How To Turn New Leads Into Rabid Buyers” for that answer.

How do you start from the very beginning to build a money making list if you are a complete newbie?

Start by just getting a lead capture page up. It doesn’t have to be perfect.

What do you do after somebody joins your list?

You may want to read my report called “How To Turn New Leads Into Rabid Buyers” for that answer.

How To Generate At Least 100 Leads A Day With Facebook Ads

Here’s a drop-dead easy way to generate 100+ leads per day using Facebook ads…

This is the least complicated way to do it—the most stripped down way to do it.

First of all… forget everything you’ve ever learned about Facebook ads.

There’s so much bad info about FB ads out there and I’m not sure how much of it you’ve been fed, so just forget all of it for now.

Step #1:

Go here and create a Facebook tracking pixel and put it on your conversion page (set the conversion pixel to track Leads).

The conversion pixel must be copied and pasted in between your <head> tags of your conversion page.

Step #2:

Next go create a simple squeeze page with just a headline and an opt-in box.

Make sure what you give away on this squeeze page is something your ideal prospect would crawl across broken glass to get.

Make sure you don’t have blind copy on your squeeze page.

Simply say what it is you’re giving away and the benefit it offers in the most low-key, non-hypey way possible.

Step #3:

Now go create your ad here.

Select “Website Conversions” and select the tracking pixel you just created inside Facebook.

Use a picture that’s an ecover representing what you’re giving away or use a headshot of your face.

As for the copy of the ad, just simply say what it is you’re giving away and put the word “FREE” in the ad copy.

If what you’re giving away is something they’d crawl across broken glass to get, then you don’t need to be an A-list copywriter to pull this off.

A good way to come up with your ad copy is simply to copy and paste the copy from your squeeze page into the FB ad, then shorten it if needed.

The message in your FB ad should be totally congruent with your squeeze page copy.

Step #4:

Also when creating your ad, only target United States, United Kingdom, Canada, and Australia.

You may want to target ages 22 and up.

However, you may find it even better to target only 35 and up because I’ve found that most (not all) buyers in the Internet Marketing niche are middle aged and at least above 35-years-old.

You’re probably adding a ton of tire kickers to your list by not carefully targeting by age.

Target by Precise Interest and type in some of the names of your top competitors.

When one comes up, select it. (Only select ONE).

Set your bid to Manual CPC and type in $1.

Set your daily budget to $100.

Step #5:

When your ad gets approved and it’s running, take a look at your data inside Facebook.

If you’ve followed my steps, then you’re not using any additional external tracking programs—just internal Facebook ad tracking.

Look at your cost per conversion.

If, according to your cost per conversion, you’re paying $1 or less per lead, then congratulations, because now you’re getting 100 IM niche leads per day with Facebook ads with a daily spend of $100.

Step #6:

If you’re paying more than you can afford per lead, then you can do a number of things:

A) Split test your landing page to get your opt-in conversions up

B) Build out your funnel or split test different elements of your funnel so that you’re earning more per lead

C) Build out your follow-up sequence so you earn more per lead

D) Lower your Max CPC

Step #7:

Now you need to build out your campaign.

Go to the top of Facebook and type this into the Graph Search: “Pages liked by people who like THE NAME OF YOUR TOP COMPETITOR.”

Once you’ve done that, you should be looking at 100s of Precise Interests you can use to build out your campaign.

When you build out your campaign, make sure to create a separate ad per Precise Interest.

That way you can track your cost per lead per Precise Interest.

What you NEVER want to do is group all the Precise Interests together in one ad, because you’re bound to pay double, even triple or more per lead that way.

So be sure to break up your campaign.

How To Turn New Leads Into Rabid Buyers

Here’s the master key to turning new leads into rabid buyers:

Make the sale before you sell.

What does it mean to make the sale before you sell?

It means:

The lead must be ready to buy before you even present an offer to him.

And if you do it right, the lead should feel as excited as a kid on the night before Christmas—except excited about getting your product or service.

This is done through many ways we’re going to get into:

Building Anticipation
Creating Goodwill
Building Trust
Associative Positioning
Planes of Engagement
Sequential Pre-Selling
Value Building
Authority Building
Empathetic Messages

If you’ve ever found your business booming with sales flooding your merchant account, then all the sudden your customers go cold…

If you have a hard time recouping your lead acquisition costs…

Then chances are your business is out of balance.

Here’s what I mean:

There must be a balance between selling and pre-selling.

Everything in the list of bullets above can be tossed into the category of Pre-Selling.

If, on first contact with a lead, all you appear to be doing is trying to take from them, then this could be a reason why you haven’t been able to recoup your lead acquisition costs.

And as for your current leads… If all you do is sell, sell, sell, then your leads go cold.

But if you pre-sell, sell, pre-sell, sell—sort of like the ying-yang symbol—then your business will be in balance.

Get Your Business Into Balance—Sort Of Like The Ying Yang Symbol

You can’t always be Yin (selling)… because your leads will go cold.

You can’t always be Yang (pre-selling)… because you’ll never make sales.

You must balance the two.

And depending on your business, you may want to balance pre-selling and selling with an 80/20 split… or a 70/30 split… or a 60/40 split… or a 50/50 split.

If you sell mid to big ticket products and services, then you may want to try an 80/20 split.

If you sell low end products and services, then you may want to try a 50/50 split.

It’s totally up to you.

It should be based on your own personal experience with your business.

Here’s how you make that call:

You can sense whenever your leads start going cold, right?

When you see this happening, that’s a sign to go into pre-selling mode.

You want to catch it when it starts to go cold, and immediately flip the switch, and go into pre-selling mode.

You can also revive dead lists to a degree by going into pre-selling mode with them.

What about new leads you just generated?

You may want to consider a total pre-selling approach on first contact with a new lead.

Or at least try an advertorial selling approach.


Because, fact is, new leads will be looking to buy a product or service you sell after you’ve tickled their desire to the max… after you’ve built your authority in their mind… after you’ve built trust… generated goodwill… and after you’ve pre-sold them.

And when you pull the trigger and sell something, sales may explode into your merchant account.

Your sales pages and sales videos may convert very well—even if they’re poorly written.

Prospects may be dying to get on the phone with you—instead of you chasing them to get on the phone with you.

In other words, you’ve put leads into a “feeding frenzy” before you offered your product or service.

Specifically, how do you do put them into a feeding frenzy, then create a massive explosion of sales?

Step 1: Do Something Right Away To Make Your New Leads Like You

There’s a popular screenwriting book called “Save The Cat” by Blake Snyder.

Inside the book, Snyder explains that if you want the audience to like a character, the character must do something that makes you instantly like him—like saving a cat.

And the character must do something to make you like him the moment you meet him.

It’s no different in your marketing.

Upon first contact with a new lead, you must do something right away that makes him like you.

And guess what?

It’s not by ramming a sales pitch down his throat.

Try sending him directly to free content that generates goodwill, such as:

A Free Report
A Free Article
A Free Video
A Free Teleseminar
A Free Webinar
A Free Strategy Session
A Combination Of These Things

Make sure the content solves one or more of the new lead’s most pressing problems.

Make sure the content is so good that the new lead feels as if he normally has to pay for content of this caliber.

And if you don’t pitch anything at this point, then you have successfully planted the Seed of Desire in your new lead—which will eventually grow into overwhelming desire to buy your product or service.

With a little bit of watering!

Here’s how to water that seed:

Step #2: Open Up A Line Of Communication And Generate Trust

Now you’re going to build an actual relationship with your new lead—by opening up a line of communication.

Here’s where you invite the lead to communicate with you on what I call a “Plane of Engagement.”

It can be any online social environment where your leads can post messages to you, such as:

A Blog
A Forum
A Facebook Fanpage

This will build trust with your new lead because:

1. The new lead will see that you’re a real human being

2. The new lead will see that you often connect with other customers and prospects, which creates social proof of trust in you

3. The new lead will see that you’re honest and ethical, because no dishonest or unethical company would have the guts to be as transparent as you

Now your new lead should like you and trust you.

Overtime you should repeat this process of generating goodwill and trust.

It’ll make sure your customers don’t go cold down the road.

It’ll increase your lifetime customer value.

Step #3: Expand Their Trust By Deepening Their Connection With You

Now that you’ve opened up a line of communication with your new lead, you will start to get a feel for his problems and what’s on his mind.

Record these problems and desires into a Psychographics File.

Your Psychographics File can be a Word Doc or TXT file.

And you’ll copy and paste messages from your conversations with leads into that Psychographics File.

Whenever a lead is feeling negative or frustrated by something, be sure to add that to your Psychographics File.

Whenever there’s a recurring problem or recurring desire among your leads, add that to the Psychographics File.

Now create messages based around the contents of your Psychographics File and feed it back to your new leads.

This will deepen your connection—and expand the trust they have in you—because they will know you understand how they feel.

And the thing is, you do understand how they feel.

Therefore, your marketing messages, as a whole, will almost always be on target.

Your marketing messages will almost always resonate.

And not only will you build a deep connection with your new leads, but you’ll find yourself coming up with new winning product and service ideas.

New sales angles will come to you—sales angles that will resonate with your new leads.

OK, what next?

Step #4: Expand Their Trust To The Max With Authority Positioning

Nice work.

At this point, your new lead should know, like, and trust you.

Let’s take the trust factor to the max, shall we?

You need to position yourself or your company as the ultimate providers of a very specific result.

Here are some positioning ideas for you:

Have someone interview you on the specific result you provide and give away that interview recording to you new leads.

Write a book about the specific result you provide and publish it on Amazon.

Base the subject of your chosen Plane of Engagement around the specific result you provide.

Collect video testimonials from past customers in which they talk about getting the specific result you provide, and place these videos somewhere on your Plane of Engagement.

Get a picture of you standing with one of the biggest celebrities in your market and place it somewhere on your Plane of Engagement.

Co-create a product or service with one of the biggest celebrities in your market.

Ask one of the biggest celebrities in your market to give you an endorsement and place it somewhere on your Plane of Engagement.

In general, have your new leads associate you with people, company, and publications they already trust.

Step #5: Tickle Their Desire For Your Specific Product Or Service


The “know, like, and trust factor” has been established in the mind of your new lead.

You’ve planted the Seed of Desire into your new lead.

You’ve watered their desire to do business with you by creating a deep connection with them, and by showing them you are the ultimate expert who provides a specific result.

You’re getting closer to the sale.

By now, the new lead may be ready to buy your product or service.

But they’re not quite where you want them to be.

You want them practically begging to buy from you.

You want them to feel as excited about buying your product or service as a kid on the night before Christmas.

So you must put them through a sequence of marketing messages that tickles their desire—until they hit the emotional threshold.

In other words, with this process, you tickle their desire to the point of “I must have this” and they are ready to buy before you present the product or service.

This is done with an Anticipation Building sequence of marketing messages.

The first message is the Announcement.

For example, “In a few days we’re opening the doors to PRODUCT OR SERVICE.”

Your next marketing message may be all about the benefits and what the product or service will do for them.

Your next marketing message may be all the proof elements that support your claims.

Here’s the golden rule:

Take the most emotionally compelling parts of your sales pitch and use them to tickle the desire of your leads to the point of frenzy.

There are no hard and fast rules.

Your Anticipation Building sequence may be 3 messages long, or it may be 5 or 7.

On the day before you open the doors to your product or service, let your leads know that it will happen tomorrow.

They’ll be standing by, ready to buy, buy, buy.

One last thing on the subject of Anticipation Building Sequences:

If your product or service is evergreen, then you can go through the same process, but don’t allow your new leads see your buy button, order page, order form, etc.

Bottom line, don’t allow them to purchase until they’ve gone through your Anticipation Building Sequence.

Step #6: Maximize Your Sales With Simple Psychological Tactics

Now it’s time to sell.

Sell, sell, sell.

Here are some things to increase your sales:

Pile on one new bonus per day for the duration of your Selling Sequence.

Add time-based scarcity to your bonuses… If your new leads don’t become customers within X amount of time, they don’t get the bonus.

Limit the amount of spots available at this time… Limit the amount of units available or the amount of spots available for the service you provide.

Limit the amount of time your offer is available… Make the product or service available for 3 to 7 days only, close it down, then re-open it later on down the road with a similar sequence.

Roll out your product or service at an Introductory Price, then increase it on a specific day and time.

Have a 2nd price increase during the promotion, on a specific day and time.

Make the offer exclusive to your lists only.

If on the phone… Order today and get in at ½ off. Order tomorrow and you pay full price.

Of course, you don’t need to use any or all of these things.

They are little bits of psychology I’ve found explode your sales during promotions.

There You Have It…

That’s how you quickly recoup your lead acquisition costs.

Now, in order to keep your customers buying over the long haul, you must repeat this entire process over and over again.

You must keep your business in balance with Pre-Selling, Selling, Pre-Selling, Selling.

Just like the ying yang symbol.

And as a general rule, whenever you sense your customers going cold, you need to flip the switch and go into Pre-Selling Mode.

That’s because if you stay in Selling Mode, your customers will become fatigued.

They will start to sense you care nothing about them… They’ll sense that all you want to do is fill your pockets with sales… And your “know, like, trust factor” is broken.

If you’ve been in permanent Sales Mode up until now, you can still revive some of your old customers.

Just go into the Pre-Selling process I’ve outlined:

Step 1: Do something to make them like you.

Step 2: Open up a line of communication and begin generating trust.

Step 3: Expand their trust by deepening their connection with you.

Step 4: Expand their trust to the max with authority positioning.

Step 5: Tickle their desire for your specific product or service.

Step 6: Maximize your sales with simple psychological tactics.

Rinse and repeat.